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The never-before-told story of the first amusement complex that Walt Disney attempted to build.  In 1938 and 1939, Hollywood Sports Garden was to be a massive 34-acre entertainment complex in the center of Los Angeles.  This episode contains the first three chapters of this story.  A subsequent episode will conclude the story, with chapters four through six.

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The Haunted Mansion that was never built.  And a ghost--a real one--that Yale Gracey (the man who created spirits for the Mansion) saw as a boy.

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The story of the most famous party in the history of animation - the 1938 Snow White wrap party.

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Walt Disney's plans for audio-animatronics at the end of his life.  Host: Todd James Pierce

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DHI 001 - Walt Disney and California Living

The story of Walt Disney's first attempt (in 1960) to open a second park in Anaheim.  Host: Todd James Pierce

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