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Dick Nunis's experience with the 1964 World's Fair and how these events changed the culture of Disneyland.  Part Five.

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On Bandcamp, you'll find multiple series and episodes with topics related to today's episode that deeply expand this period of history inside the Disney Company.  These include:

* Walt Disney and Riverfront Square (an album with seven episodes about the proposed indoor park in St. Louis)

* The Water, the Wavemaker, and the Secret Hotel (an album with three episodes that includes the full story of Bob Foster's work to obtain land in Florida for Disney World)

* Television, Technology, and a Disney Park in Palm Beach (three individual episodes about the proposed Disney park in South Florida)

* Project Satellite (one episode about the miniature Disneylands considered in the early 1960s)

* Project Spring (one episode about the proposed Disney venture in Monterey, California)

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